Belbins Theort

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In this report I aim to explain belbins theory and then apply this theory to two emergency drills that I took part in whilst on-board the container vessel m/v Acapulco on the western coast of Mexico. The first drill that we carried out was a fire in the engine room drill followed by an oil spill drill.

belbins theory is all about how teams are structured so that they perform at their best, with the belbins theory each team member has clear responsibilities and can see that every role is needed for the team to achieve their goals professionally and well.

belbins theory consists of four main sections:

these four main roles are aimed at certain peoples personality styles, for example if a crew member on board the vessel was a confident person and action orientated then they could fit into the leading section and take the role of the coordinator or shaper. These different roles are illustrated in the table below:

Overall | Belbin role |
Leading | Coordinator |
Shaper |
Doing | Implementer |
Completer/finisher |
Thinking | Monitor/Evaluator |
Plant |
Specialist |
Socializing | Resource/investigator |
Team Worker |

the co-ordinator is a leader who is focused on the goals and objectives of the team. The co-ordinator will assign tasks amongst the team and motivates them towards the final goals.
The strengths required to be a good co-ordinator are:

Good decision-making
Good public speaker
Good ability to delegate tasks

The weaknesses of being a co-ordinator are:

Can be seen as manipulative
could offload personal work.


The shaper is a task-focused leader who is committed to achieving teams goals and will 'SHAPE' the other members of the team to ensure that the end goal is reached. The shaper will often challenge, argue and disagree with other team members in the pursuit of achieving the aims of the team.

The strengths required to be a good shaper are:

thrives on pressure
driven to overcome obstacles

the weaknesses of being a shaper are:

offending peoples feelings
prone to provocation


Implementers tend to be practical people that are strong minded, their role in the team structure is usually to carry out tasks in a practical and realistic way. implementer are usually disciplined but slow to respond to new possibilities that arise within the team structure. They tend to have positions of higher responsibility.

The strengths required to be a good implementer are:


the weaknesses of being a implementer are:

slow to react to new possibilities


The completer finishers role within the team is to work steadily and consistently with their work, they pay attention to detail and aim to complete the tasks thoroughly. They tend not to be interested in the glamour of success.

The strengths required to be a good completer finisher are:

good attention to detail
delivers on time

the weaknesses of being a completer finisher are:

inclined to worry
find it hard to delegate tasks


The monitor evaluator has a low need to achieve. They tend to be intelligent people who are capable of evaluating competing proposals and contributing there point of view at these critical times. Monitor evaluators are usually slow in coming to decisions as they feel the need to think every aspect over and ensures they don’t make the wrong decisions.

The strengths required to be a good completer monitor evaluators are:

accurate judgement

the weaknesses of being a monitor evaluator are:

lacks drive
seen as...
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