Belbin Questionnaire

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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1. As completing the Belbin’s questionnaire (1981), it indicates that I am a type of Completer/Finisher in doing teamwork or group assignment. According to Belbin (1981), being a Completer/Finisher tends to be over anxious or conscious and have some difficulties in letting small things to go. I generally agreed those allowable weaknesses as presented in Belbin’s questionnaire. I reminded myself when I was doing group assignment from my past experiences and I found that I had a tendency that I put myself on hard works that is impossible to be done on my own without my team’s help. In addition to I was reluctant to delegate my team members and was over-worrying what might go wrong because of my perfectionism. I was also never at ease until the successful outcomes have been made, and all the details and mistakes have been checked. It often made my group members feel tired and bad atmosphere in my group. It brought unsatisfied results in group assignment and I was always seemed discontented for the outcome of group assignment. Hence, overcoming some negative features and allowable weakness as being Completer/Finisher that I am faced with would be my biggest challenge to handle so that I can successfully and satisfactorily complete the group assignment with my group.

2. Management Control Systems (MCS) is that the system and process by manager which gather and use resources with effective and efficient team working in order to help in the achievement of oranisation’s objective and goal (Langfield-smith, K., 1997, p.208). According to Malmi (2008, p.291) there are five elements of management control systems, which are planning, cybernetic, reward/compensation, administrative and culture. As the result of Belbin’s questionnaire, planning controls and cybernetic controls seem to be the significant elements for me in completing group assignment since I may have allowable weaknesses as being Completer/Finisher. Firstly, Green & Welsh (Cited in Malmi...
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