Being a Stingette

Topics: Reading, Writing systems, Dyslexia Pages: 2 (836 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Best Friends Forever

Kymmberly Morton

When I was a young girl my mother would read to me every night before I went to sleep. She would read all types of books from fairy tales to nursery rhymes, fiction and non-fiction, I loved them all. I wouldn't fall asleep until she would read the entire book, or at least I would try, but her voice was so soothing that I couldn't help it but to close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep. I would sometimes fine myself trying to read along with her but at that time I was only three and hadn't started school yet so I didn't know how to read. All I could dream of was going to school and learning how to read and write. It all started when I was a little girl at the age of five I had just started kindergarten at Walker Elementary School. When I first walked into the school I could smell the crayons and paint coming from each room leaking into the hall ways. My first day of school was very exciting I was the shortest girl in the class but I got along with everyone. My teachers name was Miss, Brown she was a tall dark skin lady with long black hair and an accent that I could barely understand but that never stopped me from listening to every word she said. I enjoyed school so much especially the reading time. Miss Brown would ring her golden bell which signaled that it was reading and comprehension time. Everyone would sit in a circle while Miss, Brown sat right in the middle she would grab a book from the many book selves that was stored in the back of the class. As Miss, Brown sat in the middle of the floor I could see she had one of my favorite book Green Eggs and Ham. Every week Miss, Brown would pick a student to help her read aloud to the class and this week it was my turn. Green Eggs and Ham was the first book my mother every read to me. I knew that book like the back of my hand I was so ready to take charge and read that book like a pro. As I sat in the circle with Miss, Brown and listen to her read the first few...
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