Being a “Critical Reader”

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Being a “Critical Reader”
Most of the people want to become a “Critical Reader”, but not many of the people can do it because they don’t have the characteristics and/or qualities. Here, I am going to explain the top five characteristics and/or qualities that a “Critical Reader” should have. First, whether you are reading for pleasure or academia, it's important to understand basic structural and content elements about the text you are studying. These questions and idea generators should help you to become a more critical reader. You should find the background before or after reading the book and/ or article because it can refer to the backdrop in general, and one's experiences in life or something happening near the author that help you to know deeply of why and how the author will write books and/ or article. Secondly, you should be able to understanding the main points because if you don’t even know what it tells you, you can’t do anything for it. Third, as you reading a book and/ or article you should able to make notes and ideas because if the book and/ or article is too long, you can’t remember what’s happening in it, so if you make the note and key ideas you don’t have to read it over and over again. Next, after reading the book and/ or article you should write a summary in your own word, so you will get a well know of the book and/ or article not just finish the reading and doesn’t get any ideas and the thesis that the author want to tell you. Last, you should discussed with group of you agree or disagree with the author’s ideas and/ or not because the group have different people and different opinions you can have the chance to learn more and have more ideas that you have not through yet, but other had through. I want to become a great “Critical Reader”, but I am only sometimes can do it. For example, I don’t like to read, but if the book and/or article that the class or the teacher said I must need to read I will work hard on it, other I may just...
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