Being a Celebrity

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Despite the advantages that the statue of celebrity can provide, it also has many disadvantages . First of all , being a celebrity can be very difficult at sometimes ,with this I mean that celebrities are not free the have no privacy and are not able to go out without being noticed , clearly *Being in the public eye forces famous people to look their best all the time. They can never afford to be natural otherwise they will be judge by the journalists and obviously they will become the target the media , In fact magazines, newspapers, blogs and other form of media constantly judge celebrities on their personalities, bodies and a lot more. Reading, rude, nasty, , lies about one's own self is a part of a celebrity's daily routine. From my person's point of view, it's like having a million people talking behind your back . Another huge disadvantage is that being famous can also attract stalkers and fake friends; in fact many persons try to be friends with the famous people for wrong reasons and it’s often difficult to make a difference between the true friend from the fake one. Others will followed celebrities by phone, email or messages those people can cross the line and become obsessed.All this force celebrities to engage Bodyguards to protect them from dangers. And finally People generally expect a lot more from you when you are a famous person. Fans expect celebrities to be absolutely perfect in every aspect of their lives, every single day. Such an expectation is impossible for any human being to follow. Thus, when famous people are reported as having done something wrong, they are highly scrutinized by the public

To conclude I will say that it’s true that famous people have great live , but I personally prefer being an anonymous person because the benefits of being an ordinary person outweigh the disadvantages of being rich and famous.
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