Being Strong

Topics: Columbine High School massacre, Violence, Columbine High School Pages: 4 (1498 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Paper 2: “Being Strong”
After reading Gerard Jones convincing argument on how violent fantasies can become a healthy outlet for young adults and children, if they’re under the right conditions, I have come to agree with his opinion. Kids who watch violent movies, play violent video games and read or write violet comic books have the ability to express their feelings. Instead of parents banning their children from playing these sorts of games, they should monitor what they are watching, reading, or playing, and explain to their kids why it would be beneficial for them to see them. Kids need to be told that these stories should be taken as a metaphorical actions and not literal. They need to be told that these actions are only fantasies and nonfiction and cannot cross over to the real world. When adults and physiatrists believe that watching violent movies or playing video games are what makes kids participate in violent actions I believe that they are wrong and that it is more of a way for them to relieve their anxiety instead of acting on it and gives kids a chance to find a way to cope with the struggles they battle with while growing up.

Gerard Jones starts his essay by talking about the great memory he had of the fearless story of Beowulf. When he was a child, his mom would try and read him stories of classic literature such as Gulliver’s travels and Reynard, but none of them stuck except Beowulf. Jones was able to find comfort with the way Beowulf was a monster slaying hero, and it gave him a feeling of strength. Jones parents raised him in a fairly cultured society with the goal of him becoming a nice boy that would fulfill all of their expectations. He grew up in a suburban house with little to no danger around him, was given everything he needed to succeed, and had the love and support from his parents to excel in life. Living in this sort of society made Jones feel really safe and sheltered and reading comic books was the only thing that gave him a...
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