The Success of Tyler Perry

Topics: Tyler Perry, Play, Success Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Andrea Fields
Professor Vickers
ENC 1101
March 21, 2013
The Success of Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry grew up living with his parents in New Orleans. Once he became grown he moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Tyler knew that black people were very successful in Atlanta. Tyler Perry was hoping to be a play writer. In the process of trying to become a play writer, he went from being homeless, to being recognized, to being successful. In the move to Atlanta, life was not easy for Tyler Perry. He would land jobs in small supermarkets, so he could save money to put towards his first production. He had written a play called “I’ve been changed.” Finally he had saved up enough money for the production of the play. First, Tyler rented a small theatre that seated 215 people. Second, he had auditions and found his cast, but on opening night only 30 people showed up. Tyler lost everything. He had put every dime he had into that play. Tyler Perry had become homeless, he had nothing to eat and he was sleeping in his car. His mother pleaded with him to come back home, but he refused. He was determined to do his play. For the next seven years he did plays and they would fail. He said “This is what God wants me to do. Tyler Perry had made up in his mind to try one his plays one last time. This time he would do it different. The first steps to his success were when he visited several black churches to learn the style of the different choirs, to observe the congregation, and of course, to listen to the preacher. He took all that he learned to the stage. On opening night he was afraid and wanted to quit. Tyler Perry quoted, “At that moment I heard God clear as day, I tell you when it’s over you don’t tell me, go look out the window.” When Tyler went to look out of the window the line was around the corner, as it was each night. After that Tyler Perry was recognized across the east coast. That was the beginning of his success. Over the years he did plays across the east...
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