Behaviour Explanations

Topics: Problem solving, Kofi Annan, Concept Pages: 6 (2318 words) Published: December 13, 2012
2.0.Problem solving Situation.
3.0.Concept identified.
4.0.Explanation of the concepts.
5.0. Applications.
6.0.Personal reflections.
8.0.Key concepts
11.0.Personal reflections.

Concepts are essential aspects in the life of human beings. They are used to deal with different situations that human beings face. One of the most beneficial uses of concept is solving problems that one encounter in life. It is known to help people think critically, and come up with ways of solving arising problems. In this essay, problem solving and stress are the concepts explored. These are situations in which the behaviors were experienced, well explained, and the psychological concepts identified. The essay gives explanations of the two concepts, and my personal reflection on them. Finally, the essay describes what I would do in case these events happens a second time. 2.0.Problem solving Situation.

Problem solving is a way of attaining specified goals in an activity or one’s life. It involves the process of using mental images and concepts to come up with a solution to a given problem. It assists in the achievement of goals. Different methods are applicable in problem solving process. These methods depend on the prevailing situations. An instance where another person experienced this concept is described below. The experience happened in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. In Kenya in the year 2007, there were elections where two main parties participated. These two parties were the principal ones which fielded candidates both in the presidential and parliamentary positions. Unfortunately, the contest was highly tight, and opinion polls showed that two front runners will end up in a tie. After the conduction of the elections, the results of the election were disputed and both the candidates declared themselves the president of the country. The opposition side candidate claimed the incumbent had rigged the elections after sensing that he was almost losing the election. Conversely, the incumbent president claimed that, it was the opposition leaders who rigged and is trying to become the president through the back door. This ended up in a stalemate which resulted to the post election violence in this country. Both leaders remained adamant that they have won the election and planned different swearing in ceremonies at different venues. The problem aggravated to the unexpected levels resulting to deaths in thi8s country. The international community had to intervene to convince the parties to lower their demand so that peace can return in Kenya. It was agreed by both parties that, Kofi Annan will be the person who will try solving this problem by bringing the parties together and ensuring dialogue. However, he was to be helped by a panel of eminent persons in coming up with a lasting solution to the stalemate. Both sides were to select four leaders who would represent them in the negotiation process. The venue of dialogue committee was at the Serena hotel in Nairobi where they would meet and dialogue. The negotiations started on 1st January 2008 under the leadership of Kofi Annan who was seen as the savior of this country by the people. The different parties had no good feeling with either party feeling that it might be shortchanged, yet they are the one who had won the elections. At some instances, they were showing unwillingness to attend the negotiation process. The negotiation process started. One of the approaches which were used by the chief mediator was to ensure that, the parties should show a sense of willingness to accommodate the other parties. Even knowing that the incumbent president will not accept it, the mediator first tried to convince him to resign top allow the repeat of the elections. The president rejected the proposal. On the hand, he tried to convince the opposition leader to accept that he...
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