Behavioral Patterns of Selected 4th Year Students in San Pedro High School

Topics: Adolescence, Psychology, Behavior Pages: 12 (2955 words) Published: January 8, 2012
Bulacan State University
College of Education
City of Malolos, Bulacan.

“Behavioral Patterns of Selected
4th year students in San Pedro High School”

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Violera Reyes, Ed.D.

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Glendys Orolfo
Kenneth Pabilonia
Naomi Palao
Maricris Palo
Rogelio Ramos
Mary Grace Regalado
Micha Joy Rejano
Cayneth Reyes
Milca Joyce Roque
Renz Ruzzel Santiago
Andrea Marie Santos
Mary Jane Villanueva 
Rich Ann Winfield

This research paper identifies the behavioral patterns of selected high school students in San Pedro High School, Hagonoy, Bulacan.
The first chapter presents a short introduction about adolescence. In their age, high school students were now entering the first stages of adolescence.
The second chapter shows related theories about this study.
The third chapter shows the method of research done in this study.
The fourth chapter presents the data gathered from the respondents. Graphs were used to show the data in a logical and orderly manner.
The fifth chapter attempts to conclude the study by telling the behavioral patterns discovered in the selected high school students.


Chapter I – Introduction
Chapter II – Theoretical Framework
Chapter III – Methods of Research
Chapter IV – Interpretation and Analysis of Data
Chapter V – Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

Curriculum Vitae


I. Introduction
The social behavior of human changes as they enter adolescence. In humans adolescents typically increase the amount of time spent with their peers. Nearly eight hours are usually spent communicating with others, but eight percent of this time is spent talking to adults. Adolescents report that they are far happier spending time with similarly aged peers as compared to adult.

Consequently conflict between adolescents and their parents increase at this time as adolescents strive to create a separation and sense of independence. These interactions are not always positive; peer pressure is very prevalent during adolescence, leading to increase cheating and misdemeanor or crime.

According to Judith Rich Harri’s theory of group socialization, children and adolescent are shape more by their peers than their parents. Peers can encourage both pro-social behavior, which peeks at 11-12 years old or anti social behavior, which peaks at K1 -15 years. Adolescents are less likely to feel depressed or anxious if the peer group provides emotional support (Buhrmester, 1992).

Arguments between parents and children increase considerably during adolescence (Feeney 1999). However adolescents with few or no closed friends are closer to their parents and are less likely to be subject to peer pressure.

Non human mammals are also exhibit changes in social attitude during adolescence. Adolescent rodents have also been observed during this time of period . despites this social bonding between adolescents and adult tends to improve due to reconciliatory behavior. Allomaternal behavior increase among females in several species , including humans , nonhumans primates and rodents .However males tends to exhibit less interest in infant during adolescence. Adolescence can be specifically turbulent as well as a dynamic period of one’s life. It has been identified as a period in which young people develop abstract thinking abilities , become more aware of their sexuality , and increase their independence from parent.

Stanley Hall denoted this period as one of “storm and stress” and according to him, conflict at this developmental stage is normal and not usual. Margaret Mead on the other hand, attributed the behavior of adolescents to their culture and upbringing , as the majority of problems associated with adolescence in western society are not present in other cultures. Several development stage models, have placed in a period of human developments. Sigmeund Freud saw it as the “genital phase” of psychosexual developments,...
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