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  • Published : February 8, 2013
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Observation Paper 2

Jessica Catalano
April 5, 2012
FAD3220, Section 06

Adolescence, the period after middle childhood, is a very crucial time in the life of an individual. Adolescence (age eleven through nineteen or twenty) is the time between childhood and adulthood and is accompanied by major physical, cognitive, and psychosocial changes. For this observation, I will be observing my roommate, Amore, who is eighteen-years-old. Physically, I will be investigating puberty and health. Cognitively, I will be examining Kohlberg’s view on moral reasoning and influence on school achievement. Psychosocially, I will be analyzing identity and commitment.

My roommate, Amore, also happens to be my best friend. We met in high school and both made plans to begin our adventure by attending FSU. For this paper, I observed her talking to one of our friends about her faith. It was a Friday evening and one of our friends had just broken up with his girlfriend and was very down about it so he had come over for some advice. She sat with him in the living room and took advantage of the opportunity to present Christ to him a real and powerful way.

Amore is eighteen-years-old, about five foot two, and was wearing jean shorts and a plain white tee. Under the strenuous situation, she took the initiative to pray for him upfront, before she gave her personal advice. She spoke very maturely, but what stood out most about her conversation with out friend was how genuine everything she said was. As opposed to advice that seemed scripted and edged, you could tell that she was speaking from experience. Her eloquence and confidence seemed to greatly ease the pain and disdain that...
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