Behavioral Effects of the Subconscious

Topics: Mind, Consciousness, Psychology Pages: 4 (1220 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Behavioral Effects of the Subconscious Mind

Muhammad Bilal

“The devil made me do it” (Kay & Henry, 1970) this famous line, used in conjunction with inappropriate behavior, originated on the hilariously funny 1970s television series The Flip Wilson Show. This comedic and enduring phrase’s purpose is to justify any misconduct committed by any who dare to utter those devilish words. Is it only a devil that influences negative behavior, or can a portion be attributed to a mental compartment called the subconscious mind? The subconscious mind is affected by stimuli in the environment. These stimuli create and influence perception that can negatively affect behavior. Conscious Mind

Each day human beings perform tasks and display particular emotions or gestures without total awareness of them, thinking about them, or remembering how to perform them. The brain records, stores and never loses information regarding tasks performed and every day routines. According to Rathus (1987), the conscious mind deals with sensory awareness and direct inner awareness. Sensory awareness takes notice of the surroundings like a beautiful sunset, snowcapped mountains, or music from a concert. Direct inner awareness deals more with thoughts, images and memories. Acts committed in the conscious mind are deliberate and are a result of perception and critical thinking. Subconscious Mind

Obviously the conscious mind plays a significant role in the ability to function but the subconscious mind plays” a crucial role in many of the mental facilities we prize as uniquely human. It is not an unthinking auto pilot that needs to be subjugated by rationality, but a purposeful, active and, independent guide to behavior.” (Carey, 2007) Diurnal duties are completed on a conscious level but reactions to everyday events within the environment are all controlled by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind, unlike the conscious mind, is a catch all, meaning its radar picks up any and...
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