Behavior, Misbehavior, and Discipline

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Behavior, misbehavior, discipline, and management are compared and contrasted below along with strategies to use in the classroom.

As educators one thing we are most concerned about is behavior in our classrooms. Behavior can make or break our lessons and the students’ classroom experience. But what is behavior? How is it different from misbehavior? Finally, how can we manage behavior in our classrooms and discipline those who do not follow good classroom behavior? Behavior causes teachers to discipline students’ and create a classroom management plan. Each individual teacher at your school may go about disciplining behavior and managing their classrooms in different manners.

Behavior and Misbehavior
According to Charles (2008) behavior is everything that people do. This includes bad and good, right or wrong, productive or wasteful, and so on. “Misbehavior is behavior that is inappropriate for the setting or situation in which it occurs” (Charles, 2008). Therefore misbehavior becomes a subset of behavior. Often in education we consider students who listen, answer questions, do their homework, and stay quiet to be presenting good behavior. Students’ who are disruptive, never finish their work, and who talk a lot are often seen as misbehaving. Misbehavior, often deemed as inappropriate or disruptive behavior, can be categorized into three different types (Charles, 2008). The first is behavior that interferes with teaching or learning. This could be anything from moving around the room to needless talking. Another category is behavior that threatens or intimidates others, like malicious behavior or sexual harassment. The last category involves behavior that oversteps society’s standards of moral, ethical, or legal behavior like lying, cheating, or defiance of authority (Charles, 2008).

Discipline and Management
Discipline is often seen as something to be done after a student misbehaves. It is often a plan...
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