Dttls - Behaviour Management: a Reflective Practice

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Psychology, Education Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: June 19, 2011
Behaviour Management: A Reflective practice
Looking at behaviour management within the classroom has shown that there are many academic theories. These include Geoff Petty, Susan Wallace and Dave Vizzard to name a few. By using these theorists books and additional internet sources it will give me the opportunity to review my own practice, ways to adapt my practice and ways to set ground rules for behaviour. During teacher training sessions and from reading and researching the subject it is clear that it is not easy to manage a classroom full of students. In fact, many factors need to be taken into account when planning strategies to be used. By being pro-active, looking, and analyzing our own practice, it should give us a better understanding of what we have or have not done to create this. It could be suggested that the use of Kolb’s learning cycle [online] as a reflective aid would be a good place to start for tutors. The cycle is a learning cycle, and really, behaviour management always changes and evolves dependant on the students. Consequently, this means tutors need to adapt and learn new strategies and methods to continue a good practice. Form the very start e.g. induction/first week; students are made aware of the college rules. In a practical workshop situation, there are many workshop rules that need to be adhered. Along with this, the general day-to-day college rules e.g. expected and appropriate behaviour, no eating in classrooms etc. These could have a negative effect on a student’s behaviour, as these rules are given all from the start. It could be very off putting for some students and be detrimental to a tutor.

No matter what we think about all rules that are set, as tutors, we have a duty to implement them and not trivialise. Wallace (2007 p44) tells us that this is part of what the QTLS requirement for teachers to understand ‘agreed code of practice’ is about. Different methods that experience has given me within the classroom vary...
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