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May 22, 2013

Presented by:
Melody Manzanedo
Prajakta Sachin Kulkarni
Sehajit Saluja
Svetlana Fedorova
Victoria Fong

Mission StatementOverview of the CompanyDescription of productTarget Market Definition – demographics/psychographicsTarget Audience for Powdered Beer ProductAnalysis of Macro EnvironmentAnalyzing the organization and environment: SWOT AnalysisCompetitive Analysis for Beer Industry: SWOT AnalysisMarket Analysis SummaryMarket Research QuestionnaireMarket Research ResultsMarket Research AnalysisPositioningPromotion planDistribution planPricing PlanPro Forma Income Statement – 3 year planAppendix A| 34567891013141619212326273133|


Our goal is to help bring about the end of packaging carbonated beverages in plastic, glass, or aluminum disposable containers and needlessly burning fuel to ship what is essentially “water.” Beer2Go has created a small miracle for those searching for carbonated beverages in hiking and camping adventures. We are dedicated to bringing this portable carbonated beer to adventures and eco friendly outings around the world.


Beer2Go, Inc. is a California-based company founded in 2010 by a group of outdoor enthusiasts with a deep passion for beer. We started off as a group of friends who loved to go camping and hiking. Breaking open a cold brew was one of our favorite ways of celebrating a long, arduous trip through the California trails. Problem was that we found that carrying cans and bottles slowed us down, as we had to carry them in our backpacks to and from the camping & hiking grounds. We wondered, “Is there a beer product that is convenient to transport, tastes great, and easy to dispose of?” As a team of skilled professionals with many talents- a mechanical engineer, beer-brewing enthusiast, a chemist, and a genius marketing agent for one of Silicon Valley’s high tech company- we decided we could create a...
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