Beer Production

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A Report By: Animesh Ranjan 5101045 C-2 (biotechnology) Jaypee Institute of Information Technology

For: Mr. Chakresh Jain Course Coordinator (biotech plant site layout) Department of Biotechnology Jaypee Institute of Information Technology Noida


Kool Breweries Ltd: An Overview Alcoholic Beverages Brewing: How Beer is made Brewing: Process Overview Beer Production: Flowchart Beer Production: Ingredients Beer Production Process o o o o o o o Mashing Lautering Boiling and Hopping Hop Separation and Cooling Fermentation Filtration Packaging 13 13 14 14 15 16 17 18 4 5 8 9 10 11

Quality Control in Beer Production


Kool Breweries Ltd: An Overview
Kool Breweries Limited is a premium-branded beverage company dedicated to delivering quality products enjoyed by millions around the world every day. An academic visit to the Kool Brewery manufacturing plant in Haryana was organized as a part of the course ‘Biotech Plant Site Layout’ on the 19th March 2007. This visit provided with the opportunity to observe the different processes involved in the beer manufacturing, i.e. mashing, lautering, whirl pooling, fermentation, filtration and packaging. Also the quality control measures being adopted to maintain the quality of the beer to international standards and the basic layout of the plant were also observed. The visit was a very useful academic as well as practical exposure and we look forward to more of such visits in future to enhance both our theoretical, technical and practical knowledge.


Alcoholic Beverages
An alcoholic beverage containing ethanol. is a drink

Ethanol is a psychoactive drug, a depressant, and many societies regulate or restrict its sale and consumption. Countries place various legal restrictions on the sale of alcoholic drinks to young people. The manufacture and consumption of alcohol is notably found (to some degree) in most cultures and societies around the world, from hunter-gatherer tribes to organized nation-states. The consumption of alcohol is often important at social events in such societies and may be an important aspect of a community's culture. The concentration of alcohol in a drink may be specified in percent alcohol by volume (ABV), in percentage by weight (sometimes abbreviated w/w for weight for weight), or in proof. Most yeast cannot grow when the concentration of alcohol is higher than about 18% by volume, so that is a practical limit for the strength of fermented beverages such as wine, beer, and sake. Strains of yeast have been developed that can survive in solutions of up to 25% alcohol by volume, but these were bred for ethanol fuel production, not beverage production.


Alcoholic Beverages
• Mead - fermented honey and water, sugar in honey is too concentrated for yeasts to grow so it must be diluted. Probably made by early humans by accident initially. Mead is made now by boiling diluted honey and adding nitrogencontaining compounds, then yeast culture. Fermentation process takes 6-8 weeks. • Wine - Yeasts are present on fruit skins so fermentation can occur naturally. Wine was probably produced accidentally as long as 10,000 ybp but that is only a guess. • Beers - have been made for at least 6000 years. Brewing has been a hit and miss process until about 200 years ago, until then it was difficult to control quality. High quality beer has three basic ingredients: barley malt, hops, and water. Adjuncts are used extensively in cheap beers.


• Sake - "rice wine" - Conversion of rice starch to sugar is done by Aspergillus (bread mold). Yeast are then added for fermentation, final alcohol concentration is 19% and is fortified to 20-22%. • Chicha - corn beer, Central and S. America, made from chewed corn. • Distillation o Whiskeys - distilled from "beers" and aged - Scotch, Bourbon, Rye. o Cognacs and brandies - distilled from wines. o Grain alcohol is 95% = 190 proof o Gin and vodka - ethanol + water, gin is flavored. o Rum -...
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