4.03: the Power of Images

Topics: Alcohol, Alcoholic beverage, Ethanol Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Alcohol has been produced by humans for over 12,000 years many ancient farming efforts were undertaken not so much for the food alcohol has impacted every society since caveman times in one way or another. Some have used it in worship rituals, some in social customs, some have had widespread social problems with alcohol and have banned it altogether. Alcohol is a chemically as ethyl alcohol or ethano produced by fermenting and distilling a number of different fruits,vegetables or grains.The ethyl alcohol itself is a clean colorless liquid alcohol it take one of three general forms beer wine or distilled liquor the standard serving of 1 oz. of liquor, 6oz of wine or12 oz. of beer all contain roughly the same amount of alcohol 10-14 grams of ethy1 alcohol. The important reactions of alcohols are chiefly those of the hydroxyl group. The hydrogen atom of the OH can be replace by an active metal; dehydration cause the production of unsaturated compounds of ether; and the OH may be replaceed by other functional groups. The production of oxidation depends on the class of the alcohol. Primary alcohols oxidize to aldehydes and secondary alcohols oxidize to ketones. Tertiary alcohol do not oxidize readily and they give produce containing fewer carbon atoms than the original compound. Alcohol is popular for the most part less expensive than drugs and for more accessible as there several forms of it like beer and wine that can be made. Alcohol is used in every culture has its own general ethos or sense of decorum about the use and role of alcohol beverages within it social structure . In some cultures drinking is either forbidden or frowned upon . The religious setting as a ceremonial gesture commerating the pass over ceremony instituted by Christ and his disciples. During the last supper it is said that Jesus distributed a cup full of wine illustrating it as his blood which would be shedded for the world . His statement was to them “As often...
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