Becoming a Transformational Leader

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Becoming a Transformational Leader

Situational leadership is easy to assume! Even though a Transformational leader (“Leader”) is needs to be internally directed, purpose centered, other focused and externally open, Transformational leadership (“Leadership”) is not easy to assume! A Leader appreciates that the most powerful solutions are created when different personalities are brought together. He motivates different personality types by leveraging his deep understanding of their personal values. He communicates his vision very clearly, is completely committed, is fully engaged and displays an unwavering standard while he pursues his vision.

I recently held a workshop where attendees were asked to form groups based on Compete/Create/Collaborate/Control framework. Each group was then asked to brainstorm and suggest ways to achieve zero defect product delivery. This kind of segregation and inclusiveness brought a paradigm change in the group. They thought of new ideas originating through their individual values. We ended the workshop with 3-4 concrete ideas from each group.

Leaders have to reinvent and develop new leadership styles as they go along. They have to build the bridge as they walk on it. Gandhi developed a leadership style and common language around the concepts of Self-respect, Satyagraha and Ahimsa. This style/language was easily understood by the Indians and helped coax the British into removing racial discrimination against Indians. Gandhi used this leadership style/language in India and won freedom in 1947. Implementing a common language reduces unnecessary communication, increases authenticity, transparency, trust and competency.

A Leader needs to imbibe and emulate the change he wants to bring. He needs to live and experience the change; often only accessible by changing the way he perceives the world. Having lived through the change helps him guide, motivate and lead others. Leaders are always visible and will stand up to be counted....
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