Becoming a Teacher?

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Never has it crossed my mind’s eye to become a teacher. I would choose any other field or career except it. In fact, after my high schooling, I was so undecided of what course to take, of which way to go as if I was in the crossroad Robert Frost is pertaining to in his poem, “The Road Not Taken”. I was definitely certain I never wanted to be one; I would not get myself involved with it, not even in my wildest dream! But, should I say fortunately or unfortunately, because my relatives who are educators said I must be like them, and that I should follow their steps. According to them, there was no better profession for me other than teaching. Woe to me! My life seemed to be driven by my family’s beliefs. I had to obey. I had no choice. So I had a plan. I would go against the current, regardless of my kin. They would be the ones to provide for my allowance and miscellaneous fee. I was by then a scholar, a grant my relative also worked out. At first, I was just planning to finish the first semester and then I would shift to another course but I never had the chance because they didn’t allow me to. I finished the degree with recognition though I never really liked it. For me, it’s better than not having a degree at all. After graduation, I took the examination not because of the excitement to be a “professional teacher” but because it is the expectation from all the education graduates. I was so blessed to pass it at once. I had my license but I still got no plan to teach. I was working as a cashier in a gasoline station while my classmates were already teaching as PARA teachers. Whenever they see me, they would always ask when I plan to apply for ranking. I would only smile and say “I’m waiting for the right time.” Yet, at the back of my mind, was the fear of handling the obligation. Yes, I fear the responsibility of they say the noblest profession. I’ve seen it from my auntie. She was coming home late in the afternoon. She was staying up late at...
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