Beckham Essay

Topics: Bend It Like Beckham, David Beckham, Premier League Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Beckham Essay

Sometimes the only way of achieving your goals and dreams is by breaking the rules. In the movie Bend It like Beckham Jess struggles between being herself and doing what she loves. She is pressured by her parents to go to college and to be traditional Indian girl. But what Jess really wants is to pursue her dreams of playing soccer. Jess will have to face many barriers and come between them to be able to achieve her dreams.

Jess is stuck in between two cultures. She is a British girl whose parents are Indian. Although her parents want to preserve their culture and want Jess to be like them she is more like a British girl since she has always lived in England. Her parents do the most they can to make her want to be a part of their culture, but Jess loves soccer and popular traditions which makes her more British than Indian. When she is out in the field doing what she loves she seems really happy, and when she’s with her friends she really enjoys it and laughs a lot unlike when she is with her family. She struggles between being herself and doing what she loves.

Her role as an Indian girl is to get married to an Indian guy, learn how to cook, take care of the house and have kids, and take care of them. Her parents also want her to go to college and pressure her to do so. But Jess doesn’t want to be a traditional Indian girl, Jess wants to follow her dreams, and be herself. Even though this gets her into a lot of trouble, she won’t be the traditional Indian girl that her parents want her to be.

Jess is forbidden from playing soccer by her parents as they think that this is bringing her apart from her culture. But Jess breaks all the rules just to do what she loves. She is very talented at playing soccer, and she didn’t ask for it, she was born with that talent. All her life she has played soccer, because when she was little her parents didn’t think it would be a big deal. But as she got older she liked it more and more. Her dream is to...
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