Beauty Pageants

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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he contemporary society has built so much hype around being a beauty pageant for all girls. The looming advantages are that one would become a celebrity, a fashion model for one of the best clothes designers and earn a covetable standard of living without struggling for a long time. This issue has infiltrated the society to the extent that young girls at the ages of four to eight have been forced to undergo gruel some processes in the name of beauty. I think it is unfair to them, and this needs to be stopped.

My question is, is it all worth it. Some beauty pageants claim that the process is just a series of harmless fun. They claim that when the girls perform in the beauty contests, they build on their stage presentation, personal confidence and will eventually shine in public speaking. In addition, the winners will earn a college scholarship, one of the most coveted prices of the painful ordeal. Cash rewards and some tiaras highly cherished by other children are all gains that are attributed to winning such beauty contests.

My worry is, do the parents consider the little girls wants and needs before deciding on their behalf? Some argue that they are too young to decide. That is essentially my point. The fact that they are unable to comprehend the need for beauty shows that they are too immature to take part in beauty contests. For example, children are known to be playful, especially at the ages from three to about ten. These young girls are denied the chance to be whom they are, children. They are forced to take diet meals and suffer through Pixy Stix in the name of energy boost. The question is, if the child would need an energy boost at the age of four, what would she need at fifty?

Mothers claim that it will make their girls strong and be proud of their selves. I still disagree. A four year old is too young to define beauty and ugliness. In fact, the beauty being imposed on this poor child is the opinion of grownups that have been standardized by...
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