Beauty of Summer

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Beauty of Summer

I love traveling. I am always thankful whenever I get the chance to go somewhere specially when it is for free. One of my most memorable trip was when I went to Baguio last 2008 which made me appreciate the true beauty of the summer capital of our country, the Philippines. During my summer time after first year high school, I was given a back and forth airplane ticket by my aunt Maricon for Manila. Though I travelled on my own for the very first time that experience did not urge me to cancel my flight, instead, I gained trust on my own instincts. I felt so much joy upon arriving NAIA especially when I saw my aunt Doralie who picked me up at the airport. We haven't met for almost two years at that time so that vacation gave us the opportunity to have quality time together.

Days passed and we went to Quezon City to visit a good friend of my aunt, teacher Joy. Teacher Joy invited us to go with her adapted child, Leo to go to Baguio with them so we grabbed the chance immediately since she told us to not worry about any expenses. We used teacher Joy's car as our transportation. She had a driver called “Kuya Edong” so we were so lucky to just seat back, relax and enjoy the whole trip. Unfortunately, I easily get dizzy during long trips so I had a sleep. All I could remember was that I saw indigenous people danced along the side-walk who tried to attract tourists. Upon going up the zigzag road, the driver turned-off the air-conditioner and then opened the window. Suddenly, the cool wind rushed in which made the space cooler. I quickly felt like I was living on the western side. I did not even noticed that we were already in Baguio because the car did not stop yet for we needed to look for a comfortable place to stay in. The six hours road trip made us very tired. We slept after unloading the car to the room we rented. Our journey was never wasted because we went on some of the tourist spots...
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