Beauty Is Nude

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  • Topic: Sandro Botticelli, Italy, Florence
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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Beauty Is Nude
On your left corner the sky is a dark shade of blue with a full white cloud, two human like figures are covering this cloud. One is a female, while the other is a male. The male is of a tanned completion, while the female is of lighter completion. These two figures have angel like wings that cover the cloud in the sky. Their wings are of a dark color, which are big and powerful. The male and female are both hugging one another, the male is nude the only thing covering his private area is a light blue robe that goes around his neck and under his left arm that is being shown fully. His facial expression is that of a man blowing air at something. While the women is at his right side she is also nude but she is covered with a dark shade of green almost black robe, the only thing that you can see of her body is one of her breast, while the rest of her body is covered. Her facial expression is also of when someone is blowing air at something. Her leg is wrapped around the man’s leg. Both are up in the sky only their feet seem to be close to the water which is a shade of dark blue almost green. Pink flowers seem to be falling from the sky; some of the flowers are stuck in between the blue robe of the male figure. As we reach the middle of the paining there is a female. Behind the female there is light blue skies with a small green piece of land. The main image is in the middle part of the painting. The main image here is a female who is standing on a seashell that is of a cream color. She is standing fully naked the only thing that is covering her private area is her long reddish hair that starts off curly at the beginning of her head and goes down to her body with her left hand she is holding her red-gold hair to cover her private area. Her skin is white that of a pearl color. Her left hand is covering her left breast while her right breast is being shown. Her facial expression is that of a peaceful person looking down at the water that is holding her...
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