Art Criticism – the Creation of Adam

Topics: The Creation of Adam, Human body, Sistine Chapel ceiling Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: June 14, 2012
Andrea Tineo Mrs. D’amato June 04.12 AVI 201b

Art Criticism – The Creation of Adam
Artist: Michelangelo
Medium: Fresco Paint
Completed: 1511
Art Criticism – The Creation of Adam
In this painting God is depicted as an elderly white-bread man wrapped in a swirling cloak while Adam, is in the lower left and is completely nude while sitting on a large boulder. God’s right arm is extended to impact the spark of life from his own finger into Adam whose left arm is extended in pose mirroring God. Adam appears to be completely nude sitting on what seems to be a rocky hill God and Adam’s finger are not touching which gives the impression that God is reaching out to Adam and Adam is receiving. God is surrounded by many females; they are wrapped around his whole body.

Many of the elements work to together to enhance Michelangelo’s artwork. When looking at the painting the eye is immediately drawn to the fingers almost touching were the breath of life is transmitted. Having a small gap in-between the fingers leaves tension. The lines leading up to the focal point are actual organic lines and organic shapes that are rounded and flowing. Through the body of God and Adam you can really depict the movement occurring. The colours used make the painting more neutral and more calm and relaxed. The stimulated texture found in this painting makes the bodies look lifelike. The space is not very deep.

Many principles work together to create such a great piece of artwork by Michelangelo such as the asymmetrical balance, the painting contains Adam in the bottom left corner and God in the top right corner, having on figure on rather side of the painting balances out the painting. The viewer’s eyes moves along the body until the eye...
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