Beauty Is in Only Skin Deep

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  • Published : September 18, 2012
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People’s opinions have popularized on the proverb “Beauty is only skin deep”. On the one hand, many skeptics are opposed the view that “Beauty is only skin deep”. They believe that beauty is always important because whole human beings love beauty. This is especially true for female which is named as the symbol of beauty. However, some girls excessively rely on their beauty. They think that beauty can ensure for the future happy life. They do not care to enlarge knowledge, to practice domestic skills, as well as to develop people skills and to improve themselves with good characteristics. They just think of rich husbands who can pay for all their demands: a luxury house, money, jewelry, even many home helpers and so on. In fact, they will not exist without money from husbands. I wonder what those husbands think – that they are loved or abused and whether couple happiness can last; how will they be once those mainstays disappear.

I agree with those who advocate the proverb “Beauty is only skin deep”. In my opinion, the beauty that not come with wisdom can easily become the vulnerable and they will be exploited in malicious intentions. The beauty thus easily sink into vice and damage their own future. For that reason, more and more women would like to affirm their value over both beauty and intelligence.

In conclusion, value of every human being will be confirmed over time. In this case, personality is the decisive factor and “beauty is only skin deep”.
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