Manufacturing Beauty

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  • Published : January 28, 2012
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Manufacturing Beauty

Manufacturing Beauty
Cindy Jackson in my opinion has major issues. She thinks beauty is on the outside and does whatever she can to make herself look like an imaginary person. It seems to me that she is doing all this to try to make money. Her website is all about selling cosmetics. In which I am betting she doesn’t even use herself, because if there is a flaw in her mind she corrects it with surgery, so why does she need cosmetics? I think that her self-esteem is still extremely low even after all the surgeries and it has been from the start. The physical attractiveness of a person influences every individual throughout every community, across the United States and around the world. All people inherit and alter their physical attractiveness, which is determined by complex, interdependent, physical, and non-physical factors. Hidden and not-hidden values drive thoughts and actions with significant effects and realities whereby higher physical attractiveness is beneficial, lower physical attractiveness is detrimental and associated pursuits are relentless. Physical attractiveness may look skin-deep as a surface aspect of appearance, but looks can be deceiving. Researchers throughout the world collect empirical data complemented with anecdotal data to probe beyond the surfaces. Through investigations that meet meticulous scientific methodological procedures, acute observations reveal previously undetected dimensions that advance understanding about physical attractiveness (Patzer, 2006). I think the mass media has a huge influence on her. Even according her, she wants to look like Barbie “I looked at a Barbie doll when I was 6 and said, ‘This is what I want to look like.’ She spent $100,000 on the operations because she ‘wanted to look better’, “Barbie was the blank canvas I filled in all those years ago. It was still my role model.” Cindy believed she was being ‘held back by her looks’ and that with surgery to make her more like her...
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