Beauty Contests

Topics: Beauty, Beauty contest, Gender Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Beauty contests have been in the American society since the 1920’s (Kareen Nussbaum). Just like football and dancing, beauty contests are also a hobby. Beauty contests are not harmful in anyway, and are just a unique interest to women all over the world. The unique thing about beauty contests is the fact that it is strictly for women. Through hobbies such as football, there are women teams; in beauty contests though, there are no men. So, beauty contests a very unique piece of American culture and should remain an unharmful hobby.Most people believe beauty contests are harmful to women (Tom Hamilton). One reason being that beauty contests are pushing for feminine beauty necessity, but beauty contests are not a requirement to participate in. Another reason beauty contests are claimed to be harmful is that they make women look shallow for entering such a thing (Rale 2). Women who enter beauty contests have more confidence than anything else. Although beauty contests are not a symbol for women, they show how women are strong, independent, and confident. Common reasons that women enter these contests are self-esteem boosting. So, beauty contests are not just a wonderful hobby that shows women’s beauty and confidence, but they also increase the self-esteem of the women entering.

Peralta 2
“Beauty catches attention, but personality captures the heart”. Beauty contests are not all based on looks. Through personal experience, judges determine the winner based more on personality. So, beauty contests are not harmful to participants because they are judged based on the type of person they come off to be more than looks. Of all who says beauty contests lead to eating disorders, it’s not entirely true since these contests are more personality based.Some women who are not participants in beauty contests find them misleading and insulting. But, those women can join if they want to. It is their decision whether they want to win or not. If they...
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