Topics: Marketing, Product management, Market segmentation Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Porter (1990) argued that sustaining business should has a competitive advantage, that of differentiation or of cost advantage. At the same time, marketing plays a crucial part in facilitating success and sales growth because a good marketing is able to communicate right message of the product to the consumers and give them reasons to purchase it and subsequently generate call-to-action by informing the target market how or where to get the product (Kotler, 2003).

Beauty Products (Singapore) Ltd has noted that the market size is growing however the sales of skincare brands owned by the company is in reversing way. Based on the case study, the products are having issues in terms of segmentation, targeting and positioning, as well as a lack of different identities across the three main product lines, namely S&S Lotion, S&S Creams and S&S Oil. There were little differences in the way the products were applied, but there were no differentiation in terms of the associated properties for characteristics of the products, self-cannibalization due to the confusion, and issues with the product lifecycle management with the same advertisement being used for about three years. According Kotler (2003), there are three main elements in a successful marketing, which are referred to as STP; segmentation, targeting and positioning. Different products should be related to the different demographic segments, such as middle-aged females may have higher concerns on skin hydration and anti wrinkles; while working ladies may be more interested in products that related to image as radiance and confidence or they are more interested to follow some well-established and positive personality. The company has segmented the market along demographics but into very broad categories and there is only an additional feature, income, is factored in. Other factors, such as occupation, marital status and number of children, lifestyle, psychographics, could be captured too. Group of consumer who...
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