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Perception of Beauty

Our perception of beauty is distorted because of advertising. Girls in the advertisements are loaded with make-up and after that, they change their whole facial structure using photo shop. They make their noses different, eyes bigger, and clean up their eyebrows so that they look perfect. When girls see these advertisements, they believe that that is how every woman should look because they are beautiful, but don’t realize what they do to them. Some girls even go to extreme lengths to look “beautiful” and even undergo plastic surgery undergo plastic surgery. Qualities people posses can also determine whether they are looked at as ugly or beautiful.

First of all, many advertisements have made women believe that they are not beautiful. In the video “A girl like me”, a girl is quoted as saying that there are standards that are imposed on black women, and that girls are prettier if they are light skinned. Because of this, women of color believe that they are not as beautiful as light skinned women because the media says so. Colored women are going to extreme measures to feel beautiful and be accepted by the community. One girl mentioned that girls are using bleaching cream just to make their skin lighter.

Different qualities and traits of people form our views of whether women beautiful or not, and the level of beauty they have. What is interesting is that someones personal life can affect how they look. In other words, when we are experiencing troubles, we look depressed and worried, and we do not pay that much attention to our look because of this. On the flip side, when our life is going good, we shine and blossom this energy of light and beauty. Our appearance depends on our life and this plays an important role on what we think is beautiful.

All in all, advertisements have really distorted our perception of beauty. Both sides, light skinned an dark skinned, have there problems but it is the dark skinned women that find it harder to...
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