Beatitudes: Want and Inner Peace

Topics: Want, Teacher, Sermon on the Mount Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: October 12, 2011
Beatitudes Reflection Paper
The toughest beatitude for people my age to live by would be the very first one, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." My reasoning for this would be based primarily on my own experiences whether it happened to me or I merely witnessed.

The first beatitude states that the poor in spirit are blessed but Jesus does not mean the economically poor because even if you are poor you can be as arrogant as a rich person. Jesus is referring to the people who realize that they are nothing without god and for them to achieve salvation the must surrender and put their entire faith in Jesus Christ our savior. He wants us to realize that we must be humble and realize that it all comes from god and that by being humble we may attain inner peace. Inner peace is what I believe we all try to attain in our lives whether we try knowingly or we may be totally oblivious. Inner peace would be when we are totally satisfied with who we are and everything around us is perfect thanks to Jesus’ teachings.

A huge reason I believe we have much difficulties with the first beatitude is because we must be humble and there is not a single person that I know of in this world that is completely humble at present day. It is an almost impossible feat to be as humble as Jesus would like us to be. There is no twenty five year old that I know that would be happy to have torn clothes and no money in his pocket and yet be the happiest person on this earth, it just doesn’t happen.

In society even more so in present day we are taught to thrive for something better; that good is just not good enough. Greed is the norm, we live our lives around this; think about it are you satisfied with what you have? You may think you are but then why are you trying to do more, it’s because you’re not satisfied you want more things better things. It’s just the world we live in, it’s how things are. We need to have the latest fashion, game consoles and...
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