Beat the Binge

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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“A national program to reduce binge drinking in teenagers” UTS
“A national program to reduce binge drinking in teenagers” UTS

Beat the Binge
“A national program to reduce binge drinking in teenagers.”


Alcohol Abuse in Australian teenagers has become an ever-growing epidemic nationwide, in particular teens aged between 14 and 17 years of age. This health issue not only has detrimental effects on teenagers but also has devastating effects on people of all ages all throughout their lives. Developing positive drinking habits at a young age is paramount to avoid alcohol related deaths and illnesses. Resounding statistics show that each year alcohol accounts for 13 per cent of all deaths among 14-17 year olds, with an estimated one death per week and another 60 hospitalisations from alcohol related causes. These statistics highlight the evident need for a more effective program within Australia, which directly targets the binge drinking culture that has become imbedded in Australian teenagers.

The proposed program would target household families with teenagers between the ages of 14-17 directly. It is intended that the program focus on the health risks of underage drinking on the later stages of life, encouraging parents to play a major role in the promotion of healthy alcohol drinking habits and will look at encouraging teenagers to replace drinking with healthier life habits. Potentially this kind of intervention will enable teenagers to have happier home lives, possibly raising awareness about the damaging effects that binge drinking has on later life, whilst ensuring other healthier habits are being upheld.

Rationale and Needs Assessment

Currently there is a major binge drinking epidemic issue facing Australia nation wide, in particular between the young ages of 14 -17. These ages are at a critical stage where they are likely to be exposed to peer drinking and drinking amongst young adults, ingraining bad drinking habits into their lifestyles. Background information clearly justifies the need for an effective program to be tailored specially for this age bracket. Resounding statistics show the damage drinking is having upon this age group in our current society. On average every week 4 Australians under the age of 25 die due to alcohol related causes, if this statistic alone isn’t enough to validate the need for a more effective program, more detailed research shows even more alarming results. On average 1 in 4 hospitalisations a week in 17-25 years olds is due to alcohol with an average 70 of these being the result of alcohol fuelled assaults.

Our program aims to empower adults in families encouraging them to actively change their behaviour to help their children. This is extremely relevant as evidence has shown that children aged 13-18 are often looking to their parents for guidelines and boundaries in regards to appropriate behaviour when it comes to the consumption of alcohol, even if they are willing to push these boundaries. More relevant research displayed that a quarter of all high school students turned to drugs or alcohol due to boredom or the will to be included in a group. We intend to present relevant and exciting new ways for young teens to get involved in-group activities, whilst also avoiding boredom. This may include introduction to sports and other hobbies.

Target Group

This intervention will not only be aimed at teenagers ages 14-17 but also target parents and guardians of these age groups. Both males and females will be included however the campaign will be tailored more towards males as they are seen as greater threats for alcohol abuse. Ethnic background will not play a role as it is indented to target NSW and potentially go nation wide. To begin with the program will be implemented into schools targeting ages 14-17 within New South Wales, both the public and private systems will be utilized allowing a majority of school...
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