Drinking Age Set to 18

Topics: Drinking culture, Alcoholism, Alcohol abuse Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: October 16, 2012
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A Generation Wasted
If I am old enough to go to war, vote, have an abortion, give consent to have sex, or have a smoke, then I should be able to have a drink. Those are the types of arguments the proponents for the eighteen drinking age will generally give, but there is more to consider when it comes to the topic of alcohol. In an article published in The Los Angeles Times, Shari Roan explains the pros and cons of the drinking age. She states that “… [there are] approximately 1,700 alcohol related deaths in the United States among college students each year” and if the drinking age gets set to eighteen, this number is more than likely to rise. Alcohol is a dangerous, mind altering substance that if used carelessly, can cause an immense amount of damage both physically and mentally to adults and young adults. Critics argue that teenagers in other countries with a lower drinking age are less likely to binge drink and be dependent on alcohol. However, Shari Roan from the LA Times explains, “…that studies show the younger someone starts drinking, the greater the likelihood of developing alcohol dependence”. Countries with lower drinking ages have had severe problems with binge drinking amongst youth (Roan). This shows that teenagers do know how to drink in moderation. Most teenagers do not drink in moderation or measure their drinking; they drink carelessly to get drunk. Teens are developing their bad habits early on because nobody is teaching them moderation. In addition, there are health issues involved. If the drinking age were to be set to eighteen, the youth would be at greater risk of damaging developing brains cells. The human brain does not stop developing until our early twenties, making twenty one the perfect age to start drinking. Advocates for eighteen argue that drinking in moderation does not cause damage to the brain, but not all teenagers drink that way. Binge drinking has also...
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