Be a Winner

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Some people i know are born winners
The definition of winning varies amongst people. For some people, being a winner is all about money and fashion. To me, being a winner is all about personal satisfaction and born with a family around you to support you. A winner is someone that is successful in life and that able to achieve his or her goals. Money doesn’t make someone a winner; happiness, love, and a successful life make someone a winner. My siblings and I consider ourselves as winners. We live a happy live together with a mom and dad around us and bless god for making us who we are. A winner can mean someone that is talented at a sport or a hobby. The word winner can be described in many different ways. Winning the lottery, winning a championship at a certain sport, or being successful in life can all relate to a winner.

My family is not rich in money; we are rich in happiness and joy. We wake up every day with my parents around us to support us. Our life is a motivation to my two little brothers that we live around every day. Being the eldest in the family I look out for my siblings wanting them to be happy in their life and live their life based on the future to look forward to raising their own families. Winners are some of the most successful people on earth. My dad is a winner in life, he is not very educated but he sure does know how to raise a family and how to lead someone to the right path in life. My dad Wafic Jomaa is the oldest between five children, he is the only one that is not educated do to the fact that he dropped out of school at the age of twenty one. My dad never liked school and he was always the trouble maker in his class. At the age of thirty, my dad had to work hard to get married, open a house, and provide for his family.

My dad worked hard labor all his life to fulfill his needs and be able to keep my family and me happy. From all the life experience, my dad wanted his brothers and sisters to be winners in life and be...
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