Battle of Trenton

Topics: George Washington, Battle of Trenton, Continental Army Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: February 17, 2013
The Battle Of Trenton and the Affect it had on the American Revolution

History 101 B011
Wayne Newton
Mr. Bacon
Winter 2013

The subject of this paper is going to be the Battle of Trenton and the affect it had on the American Revolution. This battle took place on Christmas day in 1776. It was a battle between future president General George Washington and Colonel Rall. This battle proved to be significant for many reasons. Reasons we are going to cover such as weather, moral and strategy. These are the three biggest things I was able to get out of the Battle of Trenton. By the end of this paper you should be able to see what made me think these are the most significant things that had an affect of the American Revolution.

The weather played a huge role in the battle. It started with General George Washington crossing the Delaware river in the blistering cold. Most of his men did not even have shoes on their feet. Still these brave men pushed on to do battle. It was the middle of the winter and they were hit with heavy snow and sleet. This did not stop the American troops from advancing. It is what initially showed me the never quit attitude that the troops have. When seeing 1400 men brave these type of elements to fight such a small yet significant battle it screams moral boost to me.

General George Washington knew that most of his men's enlistments were up soon after the battle of Trenton. Their morale after the defeat was very low and nearly ninety-percent of the troops, who fought the battle of Long Island, left the army and went back. Soldiers felt that they were fighting for a losing cause, and General Washington faced a tough task of holding up the troops for the battles ahead. The enlistment terms of most of the soldiers were about to expire at the end of the year. So Washington planned an attack on Trenton to try and revive confidence in his men. This would prove to be a fruitful plan. After the attack...
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