Baskin Robbins

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Abu Dhabi Women’s College
E-Business Management

Marketing Management

Prepared for: Iman Finaish
Date of Submission: 12th Oct, 2005

Table of contents

Company background5
Marketing Plan6
Target market6
Marketing mix7
Industry trends10
Global trends10
1. Industry growth10
2. Political outlook11
3. Violent actions11
4. Mad Cow12
Local trends12
1. Free trade policies12
2. Raises in petrol prices13
3. Industry growth13
4. Demographic growths14
5. Working women14
Customer level of satisfaction16
Survey results & analysis16
SWOT analysis20
Appendix A26


UAE has a highly competitive environment where many companies and franchises are there competing between each other. The best way to stay in compete is to find the marketing opportunities for the business in order to enhance the marketing mix and improve the business. As an employee at the marketing department of Baskin Robbins main branch in Dubai, a marketing research has been requested from the Marketing Department Manager. The purpose of this report is to identify the marketing opportunities for Baskin Robbins in UAE and do analysis for the information gathered. There are two main steps that should be done in order to identify the marketing opportunities for Baskin Robbins business in UAE. The first step is to do the secondary research for an existing information about Baskin’s background and its mission. This research include collecting information about the target market and the marketing mix of Baskin Robbins. Information about the local and global ice cream industry trends is one of the information that should be collected in the secondary research step. Some information are not exist like customer satisfaction and loyalty to Baskin Robbins and such like this information require a survey in order to gather them and this is through the primary research. At the end of this report , SWOT analysis for Baskin Robbins business has been done in order the identify the strengths ,weaknesses , opportunities and threats for Baskin Robbins business.

Company background


Baskin Robbins was found in 1945 by the two brothers in law , Mr. Burt Baskin and Mr. Irv Robbins. It was found in Los Angeles in USA and named by its founder’s names. Baskin Robbins is one of the Dunkin’s brands , which are Dunkin donuts, Baskin Robbins and Togo’s and they are part of Allied Domecq .Allied Domecq is a well known company which has business with famous drinks companies and fast food restaurants and it is the operating company of Baskin Robbins world wide. In 1948, the two brothers found that the number of Baskin Robbins customers was increasing dramatically and they can not serve them. Therefore, they decided to follow the franchise concept, and all other business men to be franchiser for Baskin Robbins. Allied Domeq company is the first operating company for Baskin Robbins world wide. At the beginning Baskin and Robbins had one store and in three years they opened eight stores. Now Baskin Robbins has around 5,000 stores in around 50 countries world wide. The goal of Baskin Robbins is to make people smile inside and outside. They are trying to offer different products and flavors to make others smile and feel good. Founders believed in the concept of different choices and therefore they created 31 flavors , one for each day a month. Despite having around 5,400 stores world wide, Baskin Robbins continued to open more stores in order to be America’s Favorite Ice Cream store. In October, 2005 , Baskin Robbins will offer new retail and it will change its logo in order to capture the fun and energy of Baskin Robbins. Baskin Robbins concentrate on varieties in its products and it...
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