Basic Kannada Through English

Topics: Karnataka, Kannada language, Kannada literature Pages: 22 (3367 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Kannada Class – Session I Handout

|kannada word |English word |Simple sentence | |Naanu |Me / I am |Naanu software engineer. (I am a software engineer) | |Neenu |You |Neenu student. (You are a student) | |Namma |Ours |Namma desha Bharata. (Our country is Bharata). | |Nimma |Yours |Nimma ooru ABC. (Your home town is ABC) | |Yaaru |Who |Teacher yaaru? (Who is the teacher?) | |Yaavaga |When |Class yaavaga? (When is the class?) | |Yelli |Where |Ramu yelli? (Where is Ramu?) | |Avaru |He / She (with respect). Also they|Avaru teacher. (He / She is a teacher) | | |/ those people | | |Ivaru |He / She. This person / these |Ivaru students. (These people are students) | | |people | | |Ooru |Place / hometown |Nanna ooru ABC. (My place is ABC) | |Hesaru |Name |Nanna hesaru XYZ. (My name is XYZ) | |Gottu |Know |Nanage English gottu. (I know English) | |Gottilla |Don’t know |Nanage C++ gottilla. (I don’t know C++) | |Ishta |Like |Nanage tea ishta. (I like tea.) | |Baagilu |Door |Idu baagilu. (This is the door). | |Kitaki |Window |Adu kitaki. (That is the window) | |Kurchi |Chair |Idu kurchi. (This is chair) | |Meju |Table |Adu meju. (This is table) | |Mane |House |Idu namma mane. (This is my house) | |Baa |Come |Neenu illi baa. (you come here) | |Banni |Come(with respect) |Neevu illi banni. (you come here) | |Hege |How |Neenu illige hege bande? (How did you come here?) |

Kannada Class – Session 2 Handout

With Respect or Plural (wrp)

|kannada word |English word |Simple sentence | |Idu |This / It |Idu pustaka. (this is book) | | | |Idu nanna pennu. (it is my pen) | |Adu |That |Adu nanna mane (that is my house)...
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