Baseline Survey Methodology

Topics: Sampling, Sample, Sample size Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: November 17, 2012
The current Base Line Study of the target population located in Tuticorin district provides the planners a fair idea of the present situation of the Health status, Educational status, Nutritional status, Water and Sanitation conditions, Life skills and immediate supplies from Child Development Programme. The study helps the implementing partner of the Organization to make self assessment of their progress made in the last one year and to measure the immediate impact created in the short time which in turn help them to plan for setting their own targets to achieve in the stipulated time frame and ensure quality programming. The study helps the Key stake holders at national and international level to plan the critical inputs necessary in to the programming like services, supplies, manpower, capacity building etc to create the expected impact and out come. As the NGO partner staff and CBO members are directly involved in the study they could work for the sustainable model and address other issues identified during the study and explore for the resources. Methodology adopted:

To get the updated information and situation in the community, House Hold survey method has been taken up using the staff of the CCFC partner by interviewing the respondents for appropriate category, after training the data collectors on the sampling methods, programme components and the Tools used for the information capturing from the catchment area in teams. Sampling: Lot Quality Assurance Sampling has been used to draw the sample from the entire population of the catchment area of the Child Development programme implemented by the NGO partner. The NGO is working in 4 clusters consisting 27 small villages with a total population of 2721 House holds spread in small colonies. All the 27 villages have been converted in to 7 supervisory areas for the purpose of the study and for future supportive supervision. The sample size has been taken as 19 for each supervisory area and thus a total of 133...
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