Barriers to Communication Across Culture

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Barriers to communication across culture

With study aboard become popular, there are more barrier in intercultural communication was be paid attention. Because intercultural communication barriers cannot be avoided so people should know about it deeply. This article will introduce some aspect of intercultural communication barrier. Like what is intercultural communication barrier, how many kinds of it, what lead to it and how could we solve it.

When I just came to Australia, there is a long time I cannot be used to local’s lifestyle. For example, once my homestay mother planned to visit her brother on a weekend and then she invited me to visit her brother together. However, I refused her because I think I am not similar with that family and I will feel restrictive if I go to visit them. It is very common in my country but my homestay mother cannot understand even she thought I am not satisfied with her so I do not want to stay with her and meet her family. Due to this, her mood downed to bottom for a long time. After that in one day we talk about this thing and I express what I think and in my country people seldom visit other people particularly the people you are not very similar, then my homestay mother can understand me and feel happy. It now appears, this accident is a reflection of barriers in communication across culture. If we speaking about the word “communication across culture”, most people will think to diplomat or translators. In fact, communication across culture will happened everywhere in our daily life. The communication between a Chinese and an Australian is the communication across mainstream culture. The communication between a Chinese and a Japanese is the communication across subcultures. Actually the communication between northerners and southerners, between scientists and illiteracy, between teacher and students, between alders and teenagers and between husband and wife, they are all kinds of cross-culture communication although it just a communication across group culture. If communication is kept successful, everyone is happy but if communication is failed due to different culture, it can lead people feel sad. Thus, studying knowledge about communication is an important part to every people and is beneficial to future.

1.1 What is the barrier of cross-culture communication Firstly, what is cross-culture communication? The communication between people who have different culture background is cross-culture communication; it also can be called intercultural communication. When people go on a cross-culture communication, wrong pronunciation, wrong grammar and lacking words amount, they all have chance to lead to misunderstanding. Moreover, although the pronunciation and grammar both right, when people communicate with other language user, it also may face to barriers. One is people cannot express himself correctly; another one is lacking respond to other’s words.

1.2 How many kinds of intercultural communication barriers From the research, it is clearly shows that there are six main kinds of intercultural communication barriers. 1.3.1 Ethnocentricity

Americans tend to have an ethnocentric perspective on language that, according to Dr. Sue Easton of the Rollins College Communication Department, leads them to view English as a universal language. Because many cultures around the globe speak English, Americans may forget that some businesses conduct transactions in other languages or that some individuals don't understand English. According to Dr. Easton, a presumption that other cultures spoke English and observed common American practices led to a failure of American foreign ventures in the mid-20th century, though extensive education on intercultural communication has helped reduce this assumption. 1.3.2 Jargon and slang

Each culture, even regional cultures within a larger culture, develops unique sets of jargon and slang. Though...
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