Baroque Opera Through the Ages

Topics: Johann Sebastian Bach, Baroque music, George Frideric Handel Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: May 2, 2011
Essay: Baroque Opera through the Ages

Baroque is defined as a historical period from about the start of the 1600s, through about the end of 1750. It is expressed as a style of music, art, and architecture which flourished in Europe during this time period. In this essay I will be defining what exactly Baroque Opera is, where it originated from and show those whom expressed this defining style.

At the very early start of opera, which was pre 1600s, the first piece to be credited was written by Jacopo Peri called “Dafne”. In this period many Florence intellectuals deemed art of their time to be inferior to the time of the Greeks, which led to the spawn of Opera music. Dafne was composed by Peri, but he was not alone as he was joined with the help of a poet named Ottavio Rinuccini and a fellow music patron named Jacopo Corsi. Although this was not all too similar to that of the Greeks, it helped create a new style that would last through the ages to what we know today as Opera.

The Baroque period was marked today as the achievements of the two most known composers Johann Sebastian Bach and George Friederick Handel, but they were not the only composers of the Baroque period. Antonio Vivaldi was a composer during this period, manly known for his concertos “Four Seasons”, “Opus 3”, and his many student exercises. Antonio did not get his start as a composer, but was ordained as a priest in his early adulthood. In times during his writing and most of his employment, he was a teacher at orphanages of female students. It is seemly obvious that many composers, such as Antonio, were very knowledgeable and articulate. The orphanages were not normal ones, but those of noblemen and their mistresses.

Arcangelo Corelli was not just another composer of the Baroque time, but a violinist and teacher as well. He was known very well for his period as an exceptional violinist as the most popular instrumental music, equally to his acclaim as a composer. His compositional...
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