Topics: Barcode, QR Code, Automatic identification and data capture Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: March 18, 2013
NUMBER OF JOURNALS| TITLE| DESCRIPTION| METHOD| ADVANTAGES| 1| Barcode Readers using the Camera Device in Mobile Phones| - Implementations of image reorganization for EAN/QR barcodes in mobile phones. Themobile phone system used here consists of a camera, mobile application processor, digital signal processor (DSP), and display device, and the source image is captured by the embedded cameradevice.| This algorithm used the spiral scanning method to detect a key black bar for 1D barcodes, and code area finding by four corner detection for 2D barcodes.| robustness in practical use and tiny code size, and this is implemented in our mobile application processor architecture which has embedded host CPU, DSP, camera interface, and LCD controller.| 2| 2d Barcodes For Mobile Phones| 2D barcodes were designed to carry significantly more data than its ID counterpart.| VSCode® is considered to work best as potential candidate for a standard 2D barcode fot application where the use of camera phone as an imager is utilized.| 2D are presented in alphabetical order for the analysis. Barcode are the least expensive and most versatile tagging technology.| 3| Measurement of Reading Characteristics ofMultiplexed Image in QR Code.| QR code is just a collective symbol ofblack and white dots, it does not have a good visual display. To improve this problem, an image or picture is superimposed tothis two-dimensional code.| measured the reading characteristics of thetwo-dimensional QR code with a superimposed image by theexperiments.| fast readability and comparatively large storagecapacity.| 4| Evaluation of 1D barcode scanning on mobilephones| 1D or linear barcodes are the black-and whitestriped codes that can be found on most consumer products. Thiswork evaluates existing 1D barcode scanners for mobile phones on their applicability towards consumers. The tested scanners identify the data stored in these codes, and thus enable users of mobile phones to...
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