Health Care Informatics

Topics: Nursing, Patient safety, Nurse Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Section 1: Patient Safety

In the field of nursing there are several care delivery models that have been recognized, addressed and researched within the chapter I selected to review. The basics of nursing care delivery methods can simplistically be separated into two broad categories. The first of which being a customary form of nursing care delivery where a registered nurse is the primary caregiver with his or her focus of the care remaining solely on the patient assigned to the specific registered nurse. The second general category we see defined within the article is essentially all other nursing care not considered to be classified in the previously mentioned traditional form. This new category of nursing care encompasses all other care which is provided for any patients by staff with wide ranges in credentials or licensures. This article addresses patient safety as it relates to the methods by which care is delivered. Even when non biased investigation was utilized, it seems to be a difficult topic to research which method of care delivery seems to be the best. Several reasons problems arise when compiling research as it relates to this topic is the fact that nursing care is effected heavily by many fiscal factors.

Jennings, B. M. (2008). Retrieved on May 14, 2013, from Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality:

Section 2: Knowledge Library
This article addresses the ways in which implementing barcode administration in hospital settings can affect patient safety. Although barcode implementation is intended to eliminate medication errors, it also comes with its own set of unique problems. The base of the barcode system begins by using a wrist band to uniquely identify each patient. The next step involves the pharmacy, which must be able to access a patient’s medical file electronically in order to create medications based on what was ordered by the physicians. As far as the medication goes,...
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