Bankruptcy in the United States and Tin Man

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CHAPTER 1 – Do You Know About Storks?

1. How many children go to the school in Shora?

2. Who is the biggest of the schoolchildren?

3. The author says ‘we really should have started with Lina’. Why does he say that is?

4. What lesson does Lina interrupt to tell the teacher and the class about her story?

5. Why is Lina interested in storks?

6. What do the boys know about storks?

7. What task does the teacher set for the children to do?

8. Why do you think the teacher gives the children time out of school to think about storks?

9. Which of the children do you think will have the most interesting thoughts about storks?

10. What is different about the school in Shora, compared to your school?

Suggested supplementary activity: research into dikes and Friesland

CHAPTER 2 – To Wonder Why

1. Why is Jella not happy with Lina being in charge?

2. Why does Jella suggest the boys go ditch jumping?

3. Why does Lina think it is ‘hard being the only girl in Shora’?

4. As she walks back to the village, what does Lina notice about the roofs of the houses?

5. Who comes out to talk to Lina as she is standing in the street?

6. How does Grandmother Sibble suggest to Lina that they should think, in order to know what a stork would want?

7. What task does the teacher set for the children to do?

8. In what ways was Grandmother Sibble I’s house different from the school?

9. What does Lina realise she has found out about Grandmother Sibble III, after she has been talking to her?

10. What do you think the teacher and the boys will say when Lina tells them about her conversation with Grandmother Sibble III?

CHAPTER 3 – Wagon Wheel

1. Why is Lina surprised when all the boys put their hands up?

2. Why does Jella’s mother think that storks don’t come to Shora?

3. How does Eelka come to think of there being no trees in Shora?

4. Do they all agree that the ‘number one reason’ for there being no storks in Shora is the fact that there are no trees?

5. Why does Lina tell the others about Grandmother Sibble’s candy tin?

6. How many roofs in Shora have wagon wheels on them?

7. What do you think the teacher means by his proverb ‘First to dream and then to do – isn’t that the way to make a dream come true?’?

8. Why is Dirk not enthusiastic about the plan to raise trees in Shora?

9. Why does the teacher ask the children to imagine African animals in Shora?

10. The teacher tells the children to look for a wagon wheel ‘where one could be and where one couldn’t possibly be.’ Where do you think they will find a wheel?

CHAPTER 4 – Jella and the Farmer

1. Why do the children need to make plans and find a wheel quickly?

2. What does the teacher ask the children to do in the hour before noon?

3. What items do the children find when they search in the village?

4. Why are the children disappointed? Why does the teacher tell them that they shouldn’t be?

5. What does the teacher say that gives the children hope when they continue their search for a wheel?

6. Where did Jella find a wheel?

7. Why does the teacher say to the farmer that Jella is not a ‘downright thief’?

8. Why does the teacher suggest that Jella should help the farmer with his wagon work?

9. How does Jella decide to try to get storks to stay in Shora?

10. How do you think the other children will react if Jella’s plans for getting a stork are successful?

CHAPTER 5 – Pier and Dirk and the Cherry Tree

1. What does Pier think about as he sits waiting for Dirk? What makes him think about that?

2. Why do Pier and Dirk decide not to walk the length of the Ternaad road?

3. What happened to Jella when he climbed into Janus’s yard?

4. What is Pier’s plan for getting into Janus’ yard unseen?

5. Why does Dirk go into Janus’ yard?

6. Why are...
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