Ban on Plastic Bag

Topics: Leadership Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Nonviolent action takes low risk
Name: Feng Ji

Nonviolent action has been widely used in political and economical change that people can use it to fight for their true power of holder. This article is based on Merriman’s article “Agents of Change and Nonviolent”(Merriman, 2008), Yunus’s article “The Role of the Corporation in Supporting Local Development” (Yunus, 2000) and DuVall’s article “Outside View: Liberation by People” (DuVall, 2004)--the nonviolent action is the best way to people for fighting for the right of the economic and political. Moreover, it can remind the people that they are the owner of the country and they are powerful enough to participate in national management. Different with the habitual impression of the revolution, which is always full of battle, violence and gore, the nonviolent action costs less than the violent action and takes less risk based on mass supported. Hardy Merriman is Sr. Adviser of the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, in his article, “Agents of change and nonviolent”(Merriman, 2008), defines the main concept about nonviolent action: nonviolent-action comes from agreement and obedience of people, what is the categories of nonviolent action, the reason why we reckon that the nonviolent action advance the violent action and he uses the U.S. Civil Right Movement and Indian Independence Movement to explain the plan of the nonviolent action. Muhammad Yunus is economist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient in 2006. His article is focuses on specific field that is the use of nonviolent in local development, which means corporation. It is a specific nonviolent way to make change. The article contrasts the charity way with the violent way to the poor people to show us the advantage of nonviolent action. Jack DuVall is the founder of the International Center on Nonviolent. His article uses two examples, Lincoln and Gandhi, to elicit nine characters of a successful nonviolent action. The action should have a good leader...
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