Ban on Assault Weapons!!!!!!!!!!

Topics: Weapon, Assault rifle, Federal Assault Weapons Ban Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Ban On Assault Weapons & High Capacity Magazines
By: Ashlee Holt
What is a high capacity magazine exactly? It is any magazine for a semi-automatic weapon that can hold more than 10 bullets. Pennsylvania voters want stricter laws on guns, including background checks on all purchases and bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Democrats controlled both the House and Senate, and the nation's crime rate was a major concern. The assault weapons ban was part of an extensive crime bill that included money to hire additional police, build new prisons and fund crime prevention programs. By 3 to 2 margins, people favor a nationwide ban on assault weapons (60 percent to 37 percent) and a ban on the sale of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 bullets (59 to 39 percent). But when the first assault weapons ban was approved outlawing 19 specific weapons it was a very different time. Personally, I’m for guns. I do NOT think they should ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. That’s not fair to the true gun lovers out there. Plus all of the hunters that may need a high capacity magazine or an assault rifle. I personally think that this law won’t pass everywhere, especially in Alaska. People need to learn how to use a gun before they lay their hands on one. That’s the only issue. I also think you need to register your gun in your name as soon as you get it. I personally think if someone has a bad record or a timeline of bad deeds then they shouldn’t own a gun. Simple as that. Banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines can have its ups using it for hunting or just shooting but it also has its downs killing people, or hurting someone, but I’m all for guns. So I think this law doesn’t need to be made. One needs to register it and make sure you don’t have a bad record, and know how to use a gun. That’s the law I think they should make.
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