Baluchistan Package: Too Little, Too Late

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  • Published : July 30, 2010
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Enough is enough, I am going to go to mountains, apologize, hug them and say Big Sorry to our Baloch brothers “President Zardari”

I am all for development, I have developed Balochistan, look around mega projects, there are only three sardars against the development “President Musharraf”

The Balochistan is one of the regions with long history of struggle, pain, cry and blood. Finally we see yet another rhetoric 'time will tell' known as Aghaz e Huqooq e Balochistan “New Beginning for the Rights of Balochistan” has finally been presented in Parliament.

As per the package, Army would be sent back to barracks, people believe that army treated everyone in colonial fashion, the way Israeli army treats Palestinian in West Bank and Gaza.

Under contraction Army Garrisons would be handed over to Frontier Constabulary, people believe that everyone knows the role of FC; lately bullets were sprayed on innocent men, women and children in Buleda. FC is one of the most hated forces in Balochistan is going to be stationed in Sui.

Government promised to conduct an inquiry on the killing of Nawab Bugti, well people reminds everyone that there is a long list starts with brutal and forceful invasion of the State of Kalat on 28th March 1948. It began with the humiliation of Khan Karim then killing of aged Nawab Noroze Khan to killing of over 5,000 innocent men, women and children during 70s, killing of Bugti and displacement of over 80,000 people.

Ordinary people are skeptic and they believe, how would just one inquiry ‘we are not sure anyone acts on the findings’ heal over 60 years of pain and cry!!!

As per package FC would report to Chief Minister, Baloch reminds us that everyone knows that Chief of Army Staff reports to Prime Minister but poor Bloody Civilian could easily be toppled by twenty to fifty men in Uniform.

Package consists of constitutional, political and administrative clauses. It also talks about Political Autonomy but if one talks topeople they...
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