Hazara History

Topics: Genghis Khan, Afghanistan, Hazara people Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Presentation Topics:
1. A short history of “HAZARA’S and Their Persecution” 2. The role of the social media in Arab Spring
3. The plights of Baluchistan
Presentation#1 Development:
Reasons I chose for this Issue
1. I’ve always been against the persecution of minorities 2. It has badly affected the image of the country throughout the world 3. More than 800 Hazaras have been killed only in Pakistan during the last decade Don’t confuse HAZARA with HAZARAWAAL

HAZARA: the separate Persian speaking ethnic group mostly living in Afghanistan HAZARAWAL: The people living In HAZARA District, in KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA province of Pakistan. HINDKU is their mother tongue. Theories about their origin:

The first theory suggests that they are the descendants of Mongolians and Turks; this theory is supported by some of the historians as their facial features and many parts of their language and cultures resemble to those of the Mongols and central Asian Turks. The second theory suggests that they are the descendants of KUSHANS, the ancient residents of Afghanistan, who entered the northeast Afghanistan in the 2nd century. Another one tells that HAZARA are the heirs of Genghis Khan, who in the twelfth century invaded Afghanistan and destroyed almost the whole country. Some of his army was left which mixed with the locals of Afghanistan. Their population across the world

* About 4 million HAZARAS living in Afghanistan, especially in the central mountainous region known as HAZARAJAT * Another 7 to 8 Lac population living in Pakistan, mostly in Quetta, Baluchistan province of Pakistan * Around 3 Lac HAZARAs travelled to Iran in the late 19th century. The History of their Persecution:

According to the CIA world fact book, HAZARAS once were the largest ethnic group of Afghanistan, constituting 67% of the total population of the country. They lived in HAZATAJAT quite independently. When Amir Abdul Rehman took over of the country, he, in his mission of...
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