Balanced Scorecard of Maybank

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The vision and mission of MPI is to achieve a top 10 position as a bank of choice in the upscale consumer market for strategic Deposit/Wealth Management Products; as well as Auto Loans, Personal Loans, CTS, Mortgage; and to be a known player in selected segments of top-tier companies for Corporate Banking.

The past two years have been especially good for MPI, as for the first time, they have posted positive operating income and have obtained good results in other areas as well. Continuing towards this directions, the key strategic thrusts of the company will still cover the continuous development of four critical areas of our operations: •business growth,

asset quality,
infrastructure/operations improvement and
organizational development.

Interestingly, these four areas correspond to perspectives in the Balanced Scorecard as provided by Robert Kaplan and David Norton. To achieve their long-term goal of becoming one of the top 10 banks of choice in the Philippines in their chosen markets, their implementing platform includes not only financial perspectives, but also customer, business operations, and venues for learning and growth of their employees.

Thus, achieving their vision entails providing value not only for their shareholders, but also for their customers and for their employees. There is also emphasis on ensuring that they are able to contribute to the community where they are operating.

The implementing platform of the mission covers all these stakeholders:


Providing value for the customer:

Render the best service to our customers and provide them superior financial solutions.

Providing value for the community

Embrace our social responsibility and sense of corporate citizenship. We will strive to improve the lives of people and communities where we are present and operating.


Providing value for their employees

Develop and look after the welfare of our people. We will pursue the building of our organization as the employer of choice.


Providing value for stakeholders

Pursue our profit objectives with prudence and integrity. Ultimately, we aspire to provide our shareholders with superior returns.


MPI continues to reaffirm the theme of their current 3-year business plan “to transform MPI from below average to average in the medium term by building momentum at a steady pace until a point of breakthroughs and from there make the leap from good to great”.

While there is still emphasis on numbers and achieving financial targets as evidenced by their annual report, they have begun espousing a new management where “numbers are founded by values.” This is a clear indication of concentration on long-term growth where their vision is not solely dependent on increasing bottomline and other financial measures.

Key strategic thrusts identified for fiscal year 2007 – 2008 are the following:


Growing the business

Consumer loan – grow auto /CTS/housing/salary loans: build capability for personal loans •Enterprise loans/bonds – maintain portfolio of top-tier corporate bonds, tap SME via factoring •Deposits – low-cost CA/SA with CMS as enabler

Fee-based income – grow remittance/trust and develop capability for other wealth management products; build capability and capitalize on opportunities in treasury

Improving risk and asset quality

NPI prevention – via lending bias in favor of low-risk consumer loans, monitoring of top 20 borrowers, etc… •NPI/NPA recovery – through speedy restructuring and foreclosures; out-of-court settlements •Disposal of ROPOA – via SPV


Improving the bank’s infrastructure and operations

By improving internal operations of the bank, customers are better served – the...
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