Bad Influence

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  • Published : November 20, 2005
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If a child asks their parent to go to another child's house, but their parent thinks he/she is a bad influence for their child, the parent should let their child go. Firstly, one child who is a bad influence can be good influence for another child. In contrast, without bad influences, children cannot decipher what is right or wrong. For example, if we did not have bad influences in this un-utopian world, children would do what ever they want and not realize what they are doing is wrong; because the parents would not have an example of what is wrong about what their child has done. Parents should trust their children to do the right thing and learn from a bad influence. Without wrong, we would not know right. Secondly, a child should have their parents trust. Without their parents trust, their child can not do what they want to do. Therefore, their child will make the right choices and give their parents reasons to trust him/her, so he/she can do what he/she wants to do. Children should have the freedom to do what they want to do, to an extent, so they can grow. Lastly, by giving a child their own freedom, it reserves them the right to gain their parents trust and respect, by showing them he/she knows right from wrong. Freedom for a child is way of letting them grow while doing what they please. By not giving children their freedom, that causes children to hang on their parents decisions and not make their own; thus, children would not grow or be able to make the right decisions and know weather their decision is right or wrong. In short, children should go to other children's houses, of bad influence, to learn from them. Parents should give children their undivided respect, trust, and freedom, so they can do so. It is very important to show a child what is right and what is wrong, then give them a chance to do what they want, so they can show their parent they do know right from wrong.
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