House as a Home

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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How can you consider your house as a home? Before proceeding to answer this query, it would be better to know first the meaning of home and house. According to International New Webster Dictionary of the English Language, a home is a “private living quarters of a person. A house is a “building for a person of family to live in”.

HOME… a home should be a ” little heaven on earth” . a home is a place where the affections are cultivated instead of being repressed. Our happiness depends upon this cultivation of love, sympathy and true courtesy to one another .

The sweetest type of heaven is a home where the spirit of the Lord presides, if the will of God is fulfilled, the husband and wife respect each other and cultivate love and confidence. Parents create the atmosphere of the home circle. When there is disagreement between father and mother, the children partake of the same spirit.

The traits of character you cherish in life will not be changed by death or by resurrection, you will come up from the grave with the same disposition you manifested in your home and society.
Parents should gave the children a precious living example, of what they desire for them, the purity and speech and teach children and youth to respect themselves, “to be true to God and obey the law of God”. These principles will control their lives and will be carried out in their association with others. Or let’s just straight to the point that a “ home must be ideal”

God would have our own family as a symbol of the family in heaven. Let parents and children lives will be of such a character to give the world and object lesson of what families who love God and keep it’s commandments may be.