Bad Decision

Topics: The Neighbors, Pool-in-Wharfedale, Pool Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Do you remember what the worst decision you ever made was? Then thinking after it was over how stupid it was? I personally never could forget the Halloween of two thousand eleven, when my own worst decision transpired. It was a long night full of unplanned measures and ill-advised mistakes. That night I spent at jail, I learned that making better decisions in life is a part of growing up.

On that sketchy Halloween night, it all started with the school play my classmates and I put on. We all put on a pretty solid performance in the show. Well enough that we decided to celebrate afterwards that night. Around 15 of my classmates and closest friends all piled in our cars and took off. As we pulled into this small unspacious blacktopped driveway in downtown Oliver Springs, the first thing we noticed was how limited parking was. We somehow managed to pile about a dozen cars in this miniscule driveway and were even forced to park a few on the lawn.

As we walked inside this fine two storied house, the party was just getting started. The first thing we saw was a couple of guys shooting pool in the pool right by the door. As we walked through the hall and into the living area, we saw a table of snacks and the game was on the big screen. The stereo was playing some tunes and a game of girls vs. boys pong was steadily being played. Also at the round table a game of cards was going on between 4 of the guys and some darts were being thrown. Everyone just grabbed a beverage and began to interact with one another. This all continued for close to 3 hours. By this time everyone had downed almost all of the beverages, had found their buzz and was feeling good. We were all getting loud and a tad bit out of hand. We had people running around outside in their undergarments for getting skunked in a game of pong. The girls were running around in the house screaming and such. Someone had cranked the music up so loud it was rattling the entire house. In the mist of all this, my buddy...
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