Backstage View of 'the Avengers'

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Backstage view of ‘The Avengers’

The primary objective of this essay is to elaborate on the creation of the different special effects in a movie. I chose the movie “The Avengers” to research and report on which is an American superhero fiction movie directed by Joss Whedon. The criterion on which I selected this movie was because it is a recent movie using all the latest techniques of cinematography and graphics. Plus, since it is a superhero fiction, there are a number of scenes, particularly the stunt scenes which need to be executed using features like CGI VFX, green/blue screens and edited using software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium, Adobe illustrator etc. which have been discussed further in the essay.

Green screens are being used extensively in almost all movies these days. “The technique is called Chroma Keying, where someone is filmed standing in front of a green screen and any green colors are digitally filtered out and replaced by the desired video.” (Green Screen: Environmentalism and Hollywood Cinema, David Ingram). One of the many logistical challenges on the production of The Avengers involved dealing with the multitude of main characters. Each actor had specific needs in regards to blue or green screen. The character that played Black Widow is red hair, Thor is blonde, and Captain America's costume was almost chroma blue. Thus, there were a variety of different requirements for each. The scenes were worked out with both green and blue screens and the lesser of two evils were taken for the final shoot. Example in the movie - For hulk’s punch to Thor, they put Chris Hemsworth(Actor playing Thor) in front of a bluescreen standing on top of a real section of a downed Leviathan that they built. And they attached Hemsworth to a cable pull that they retimed, so he could look like he was knocked sidewise. They then replaced the blue screen with the apt background...
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